Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch

AplWatch-ClockChrono-PR-PRINTForget everything you think you know about the Apple Watch. Forget what your nephew has told you, forget what your nerdy colleague has told you, and forget what you overheard from your barista this morning. Until you see the Apple Watch in person—until you feel its weight in your hands and watch the silky smooth animation light up the screen—you won’t understand just how magical it is.

It’s not the first contender for smartwatch supremacy, to be sure, but it is the first contender that made us say “Woah!” when we put it on our wrist. Not in a “Hey, this is neat!” way, but more in a “Wow, how the heck does this even work?” way.

We could list off a bunch of specs about the watch (processor speed, materials, storage capacity, etc.) but they’re all essentially meaningless. You, quite literally, have nothing to compare the Apple Watch to. All we can ask is that you take a few minutes to pop into an Apple store after you read this and give it a test drive. You won’t be sorry you did. Oh, and you definitely want the gold one.