Dress For Travel

Produced by Elizabeth Meigher and Lily Hoagland
Photographed by Brendan Burke

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Before the invention of the Boeing 747 in the 1980s, when air transportation became an affordable, mainstream means of transit, dressing for travel was considered standard etiquette. Today, that ethos has returned. Nothing expresses this sentiment better than a spring trip to New York City, arguably the world’s central hub for art, culture, and design. Dressed in today’s most coveted fashion and carrying the latest line of Hartmann luggage—the company that has been crafting stylish bags and accessories since 1877—Elizabeth Kurpis checks in to the Upper East Side’s polished Mark Hotel. Elizabeth first takes a ride in one of the Mark’s bespoke pedicabs, which echoes the hotel’s iconic black-and-white striped lobby, crafted by acclaimed French interior designer Jacques Grange.

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