Elizabeth Taylor In Ash Wednesday, 1973

On this first day of Lent we pay tribute to a ’70s melodrama that is tres lent — as in “When will it end?”

“Ash Wednesday” was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s cinematic low points. In it she plays a 55-year-old woman who, in an effort to save her failing marriage, goes to Switzerland to undergo head-to-toe cosmetic surgery.

Most of the action takes place at a resort, where Taylor’s character awaits the arrival — and hoped-for approval — of her husband, played by Henry Fonda. With her newfound sex appeal, Taylor bides her time fending off playboys, eventually succumbing to one of them.

Film critic Roger Ebert summed up the film’s shortcomings with this terse assessment: “Maybe the fundamental problem with the movie is that we can’t quite believe any man would leave Elizabeth Taylor.”

But no matter how weak the script, Liz could always turn on the glamor. So here’s a tribute to her early ’70s style from “Ash Wednesday”: