Eloise Takes the Cake

UnknownThe time has come to celebrate The Plaza’s most iconic guest—forever remembered by her pink bow and Mary Janes—Eloise, and her 60th anniversary. Published in 1955, Eloise, written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, told a tale of a little girl living on the “tippy-top floor” of The Plaza. To this day Eloise remains a prominent part of the hotel itself and deserves proper recognition. The Palm Court at The Plaza has designed one-of-a-kind birthday cakes for each month from July through November, made with seasonal fruits in the style of a traditional charlotte, in honor of the anniversary.

The cakes will be presented as a collaboration between Geoffrey Zakarian and Matthew Lambie, the new pastry chef at The Palm Court. Four inches in size, these petite jewelbox cakes are small enough for one but could by all means be shared between two. Each month boasts a new flavor, July with Blueberries, August with Raspberries, September with Cherries. The cakes may be purchased for take away or can also be delivered to guests at The Plaza. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Not only will The Palm Court be introducing these festive treats, but The Plaza will also host a number of events in recognition of its 60th anniversary. The events will begin this summer and proceed throughout the year including family experiences in the Eloise Suite, a birthday surprise in The Palm Court, as well as many exciting gatherings in the Eloise at The Plaza Shop. These next few months are sure to be filled with Eloise-inspired fun for all ages.