Ethical Fashion: Paravel

After holding positions at Vogue, Moda Operandi, and Delpozo, Indré Rockefeller co-founded Paravel with Andy Krantz in 2016, introducing eco-friendly luggage, bags, and organizers durable enough for travel without sacrificing style, price, or quality. As a lifestyle and travel company, the Paravel community is as much a luggage brand as it is a mindset and value system. “Our bags don’t just travel with you and then get tucked away into the closet. They are lasting additions to your day-to-day life, and we hope they encourage our customers to develop a more sustainable and joyful relationship with being on the move,” says Rockefeller. Bringing sustainability to customers’ routines has always been on the forefront of Paravel’s social goals—but just being a leader in sustainability wasn’t sufficient for Rockefeller. After participating in a polar expedition to Antarctica with The Nature Conservancy in 2018, Rockefeller and Krantz set the ambitious goal of becoming the first 100% sustainable travel brand by the end of 2021, which Paravel is on track to accomplish. “The scientists on board the trip made it clear: our collective actions over the next 10 years will determine the effects of climate change for the next 10,000 years. The reality of the climate crisis inspires me to keep pushing on the sustainability standards I set for myself and that we set for ourselves at Paravel. It challenges us to lead by example and push past what seems possible,” says Rockefeller. To Paravel, total sustainability translates into considering every aspect of the business, from the use of sustainable materials and recyclable packaging, to the establishment of a Code of Social Responsibility to guarantee fair labor practices. “Every aspect of our business is viewed through the lens of leaving the lowest possible negative impact on the planet and the highest possible positive impact on its people,” said Rockefeller.  

Paravel offers eco-friendly luggage, bags, and organizers that can be personalized with dozens of colors, rich embroidery, and hand-painted letters. (Images courtesy of Paravel)

Currently, upcycling and carbon offsetting are core to Paravel’s product development. The company has upcycled 1.7 million plastic water bottles into the Negative Nylon and Ecocraft Canvas bags and organizers to date and has launched its first carbon neutral suitcase line. Paravel has also partnered with sustainability organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects, which plants a tree for each Paravel purchase, resulting in 16,060 new trees so far. “When choosing partners, we look for organizations making the largest potential impact. Our tree-planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, for example, not only plants trees, but does so by employing people living in depleted ecosystems, simultaneously helping to alleviate poverty, restore forest-based industries, and make a direct impact on the environment,” says Rockefeller. Paravel is also donating 10% of proceeds from the bestselling Cabana Tote to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides protective gear to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19, and has established a donation program with NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program, which addresses the disproportionate impact of climate change and other environmental inequities on communities of color. 

Indré Rockefeller, co-founder of Paravel.
Proceeds from the Cabana Tote benefit Direct Relief, an organization that delivers protective gear to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. 
The Aviator Grand in Derby Black.
The Grand Tour duffle in Scout Tan.