Everlasting Elegance: Roberto Coin’s Pois Moi Collection

by Alex R. Travers

Pois MoiRoberto Coin  insists that when a woman wears a piece of his jewelry, “she will feel fresh and powerful and elegant.” Given his new Pois Moi collection, it’s hard to argue with the architect of that declaration. While Pois Moi offers an entirely new aesthetic, it still encompasses the brand’s iconography. Its sleek design, for instance, was inspired by the hyperbola-like curvature of old television receivers—a clever composition that expertly walks the tightrope between sporty and soigné. “It’s the perfect shape for any bangle,” says Coin, “as it fits the wrist and doesn’t turn around.” But it’s in the modern expression of feminine elegance where Pois Moi truly comes alive.

Coin was right to trust his instincts: “I knew that Pois Moi was going to be a bestseller,” he admits, “so I started the production as soon as I could.” After his filigree-filled Appassionata Collection—which remains one of the brand’s bestsellers—he is taking his woman on a new journey. This time around he introduces a whimsical mood spiked with contemporary European glamour, which is exquisitely expressed in the 18-kt. gold double-row ring with diamonds. “Pois Moi will surely attract a large number of new customers, as it is innovative and fresh,” assures Coin. It’s hard to resist the thought of the Roberto Coin woman leaping from sidewalk cafes to soirées, accompanied by her beautiful bangles and boundless thirst for excitement.

Getting back to the design process for a moment, it’s evident that Coin can successfully translate his vivid imagination into a graceful physicality. For example, Pois Moi’s perforated 18-kt. rose-gold bangle with diamonds is a sui generis conception. Coin is not one to systematically check off a few design inspirations then head straight to production. In fact, while his mind may work quickly, he understands the importance of the nitty-gritty. “I imagined Pois Moi in less than five minutes,” he beams, “but it took 45 days of study to reach the perfection in its design.”

Pois Moi won high praise immediately after its inception, and Coin is currently working on an exclusive enlargement of the collection. “Soon,” he insists, “a haute couture version of the PoisMoi collection will be launched with special stones and different gems.” And while the pois trend has seeped into recent fashion shows, Coin utilizes its context carefully: “I always consider fashion,” he states, “but I prefer to focus on style, which I believe is more meaningful and everlasting.” Leave it to Coin to transform the ephemeral into something permanent.

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