Exceptional Talent

Recently, Quest visited Steve Candland and Rene Gandelman of the Private Staffing Group to learn more about their exceptional service when it comes to creating the perfect fit between clients and employees.

Leslie Locke: Why don’t we start by having you tell us about yourselves and about PSG?

Steve Candland: I’ve been in the recruiting business for 27 years, working in both corporate staff recruiting and executive-level placements. Rene and I launched PSG in the United States three and a half years ago. The idea we had was to take professional recruiting techniques and apply them to the domestic staff business.

Rene Gandelman:  I have 20 years of corporate and private staffing strategy experience. I also had the opportunity to become part of a single-family office as chief of staff a few years back. That experience enabled me to gain a hands-on perspective about the unique challenges when recruiting and hiring private domestic staff as compared to corporate staffing. A critical, though often undervalued, aspect is the importance of confidentiality and privacy. We formed this business recognizing that there was a need for a sophisticated firm who could address the types of needs these prominent individuals and families have in the utmost service-minded and professional way.

LL: Have you seen any trends in the recruitment industry?

SC: The trend we see most often from the client point of view is the basic reason why they have staff in the first place—that is, to have more time for their priorities and their life, and to enjoy the assets they have to the utmost extent possible.

RG: Clients these days are more aware of the risks of employing staff and the violations of privacy and trust due to the recent advances in technology. Privacy, confidentiality, and trust are paramount when making a hiring decision.

LL: What are the most popular jobs families are looking for?

RG: By far, personal assistants. The families we work with have busy lifestyles, and often times multiple homes, so having a person who is completely accessible to them and is able to manage all of the various aspects of their “lifestyle wheel” is essential to them.

SC: One of the tougher searches we conduct is the domestic couple, though they are very popular. Our clients like the idea of a couple who has complementary skills—for example, she’s a housekeeper and he’s a handyman. They are one of the tougher searches because you must like both sides of the couple and there is not an unlimited supply of qualified ones out there. A big part of the criteria when identifying staff in general is the level of formality in the home: formal, semi-formal, casual. What style do the clients live and how does their staff blend in with that style? We want the family to feel that their staff blends seamlessly with their lifestyle.

LL: What are your future plans for Private Staffing in States?

SC: The recruiting business is interesting in that it can be a very flat world. We don’t have to have offices everywhere to be of service to our clients. When we receive the occasional call from Dallas or Aspen, we can fill those roles just as well as we can fill local needs through the use of technology like Skype and proper background checking. Even though we aren’t meeting them in person, we can still be sure they are meeting our highest quality standards. u

For further information, please contact Private Staffing Group at 917.318.1427 or 203.856.7811.