Fabergé Egg Pendants For Easter


What would Easter be without eggs—Fabergé eggs that is? Just in time for the always-colorful holiday, Fabergé is offering a range of spectacular egg pendants to brighten up your Easter.

Peter Carl Fabergé has some history. Tied to the last Romanovs, Tsar Nicholas II and his Empress Alexandra, Faberge became jeweler and goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court. Despite the triumphs of Fabergé’s craftsmanship, the Russian Revolution brought a tragic end to the Romanov dynasty and to the House of Fabergé. The Bolsheviks seized workshops and treasures. The Faberge family fled from Russia.

In a legal settlement in 1951, the Fabergé family lost the right to produce and market designs under the Fabergé name. It wasn’t until 2007, when Fabergé, under new ownership and direction, announced the reunification of the Fabergé name with the Fabergé family.

Today, with Katharina Flohr as Creative and Managing Director, and her in-house creative team, Fabergé is forging a fresh yet strong identity. Paying homage to Peter Carl Fabergé’s genius as a visionary artist-jeweler, and benefiting from the expertise and guidance of Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé, his great-grand-daughters, contemporary Fabergé collections are imbued with poetry, artistry and refined ideals of beauty made possible by unrivalled craftsmanship, innovation and ingenuity, all underlined with a strong emotional engagement.

Just in time for Easter, Fabergé has released some new precious egg pendants—the perfect addition to any Easter bouquet or basket. “Les Favorites de Fabergé,” capturing the blossoming bouquets of Spring time, encompasses an exaggerated range of rare materials with a sumptuous color palette, and playfully borrows from Fabergé’s favorite influences of Rococo, 18th century, and the artistic expressions of Russia’s Silver Age. The pendants, which are all breathtakingly beautiful, are available in yellow, white, or rose gold.

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