Fabio Angri: A Year on the Rise

2018 was an exciting year for Italian jewelry designer Fabio Angri. His collection, long revered in Italy and Europe, was officially launched in New York City at the start of the year with a private trunk show at Doubles, the private club at the Sherry-Netherland hotel. The initial launch was followed by private events in Miami and Palm Beach.

Fabio Angri

Gina Bonacci, longtime gemologist and personal jeweler, is the Founder of the Lusso by Fabio Angri brand here in the United States. Gina met Fabio on a trip to Italy and although spending most of her life in the business, she had never seen workmanship like his—a collection of butterflies and wildlife and flora comprised of fine, colored gemstones. She truly believed that, even though his was a recognized name in Italy, Fabio Angri “was worthy of being introduced” to the American market. Thus, through a collaborative effort between Gina and Fabio, Lusso by Fabio Angri was brought to life.

Fast-forward a year and the Fabio Angri Collection is becoming recognized in the United States as Angri’s collection is now being worn by a prominent actress, a major New York City restaurateur, and a highly respected non-profit founder, to name but a few.

This new year is an exciting one for Fabio and Lusso by Fabio Angri. He is kicking off 2019 with the opening of his first store in Varezze, Italy—a city renowned for its strategic location between Genoa and Savona—a crossroads to the Italian Riviera, where luxury prevails with its yachts in the harbor and villas dotting the landscape. Also on the calendar for 2019 is an exclusive trunk show in Palm Beach at Mar-a-Lago, in February, and another in Southampton in August. Other events and locations will be announced during the year. His collection is now available online at lussobyfabioangri.com and by private appointment.

The Fabio Angri Collection consists of butterflies, wildlife, and nature all handcrafted in 18-kt. yellow, white, or rose gold with hand engravings. Delicately colored stones are individually set by hand with microscopic precision by the brand’s 18 Italian craftsmen. Fabio’s passion for wildlife and nature are clearly expressed in his creations—all unique, wearable works of art.

The frolicking frog ring in green and black diamonds

“My wish is to have people fall in love with my art, my designs, and my way of being,” Angri says of bringing the line to the United States. “My jewelry is not a symbol of wealth and opulence, but instead, a force that each woman embodies inside herself, like a tiger or a panther. One of my greatest satisfactions is to encounter someone wearing one of my creations. It makes me realize that, in someone else, I have brought the passion and joy of wildlife and nature to life. My collection celebrates the beauty and joy of life—and all those who wear my pieces are the ambassadors of this celebration.”

Lusso’s pink sapphire rose ring

For more information or to schedule a private appointment for viewing, please visit lussobyfabioangri.com.