Fabio Angri’s Wildlife Wonders

“Animals are my true essence,” says Italian jewelry designer Fabio Angri, “and being all different, each one can convey different emotions.” With that in mind, the brand asks, “Who are you inside?” Are you a gentle dove? A lion or tiger? Wearing a Fabio Angri piece helps you express this inner self.

”Fabio is a creative genius and an artist,” observes Gina Bonacci Clark, a gemologist with whom Fabio Angri partnered to bring his pieces to the American market. In early 2018, the duo launched Fabio Angri’s luxury jewelry collection in the States, with events in Manhattan, Miami, and Palm Beach.

Gina Bonacci Clark and Fabio Angri

Fabio Angri returns to Palm Beach in early December, with an event at Mary Mahoney from December 6 through 11. There, he’ll have several large pieces on display, including some of his butterfly works like the one shown on the opposite page and the cuff we feature in this month’s Fresh Finds. “Butterflies are the symbol of loveliness,” says Angri, “and with their multiple colors and shades, they give me the opportunity to recreate them at my best. Every woman wearing a butterfly is as if she were a sweet flower.”

That’s just one facet of his collection, which focuses on wildlife and nature. Working with 18-karat gold and diamonds and colored gemstones, Angri brings flora and fauna to life in the jewels he creates. The 18 artisans in his workshop each have a role in crafting the bespoke jewelry, and all of the delicate stones are individually hand-set with microscopic precision to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

“I usually take inspiration from nature because it is the most beautiful gift that the Lord has given us,” says Angri, “and I think I am attracted by the diversity of fantasy that is in the colors and shapes of the flowers that convey love and passion.”

“Fabio wants people to be moved by his creations,” says Bonacci Clark. “He wants to bring joy to those who wear them. In wearing his pieces, he feels people are celebrating his passion for wildlife and nature…celebrating life!”