Fashion Week Goes Digital

by Alex R. Travers

With Fashion Week glutted by shows, it should be satisfying to know that designers are creating new ways for the public to engage with their brands. Rachel Roy, the California native who debuted her first line in Spring 2005, presented her Fall/Winter collection via a digital platform “to share an integrated experience with a wider audience.” Her broadcast gorgeously showcased her line. You see the metallic shimmer of the lames and the detailed work in the brocades. The video also shows both the front and the back of the looks—something left out too often with runway stills available online.

A curated digital fashion show was also utilized by Peter Som. For his Fall 2013 collection, Som drew inspiration from Amy Arbus’s photographs of up-and-coming downtowners. Arbus was known for her column in The Village Voice and shot Madonna in 1983 standing on St. Mark’s Place wearing a rugged overcoat—the early beginning of street-style photography. When you watch the video you see how Som marries the club-kid look with his signature charm. Like Roy’s film, there are close-ups of the details and 360-degree views. It’s worth watching.