Fashionable Ode to Garment District at Jeffrey Beers’ Renaissance Midtown


Jeffrey Beers International (JBI), the esteemed house of design helmed by creative force Jeffrey Beers, has captured New York’s sparkle at the new Renaissance Midtown. New York is a city where “attitude is everything”—except, of course, when decor is everything.


Here, in the heart of Garment District, is a sensational exercise in chic—a dazzling ode the world of fashion. This luxe, 348-room room hotel has harnessed the city’s energy with high-low design elements (including polished marble and smooth wood against concrete walls) for spaces that are edgy yet elegant.

“Having grown up in New York, I thrive on the fast-paced rhythm of the lifestyle here. I wanted the design of this hotel to capture the vibrancy and creative energy of the city, to immerse visitors in the real New York,” shares Jeffrey Beers. “There are a number of elements throughout the design that are meant to provide an unexpected moment of enjoyment and playfulness—inspired by Renaissance’s ‘look and look again’ philosophy. The artwork, for example, might appear to be a two-dimensional painting from afar, but as visitors get closer they will see that it is actually composed of pins or pencils.”

Jeffrey Beers’ brilliance is further demonstrated in his creative lighting concepts:


And in his work with Roger Parent, who assisted in the creation of New York’s first “living” hotel, featuring artistic, interactive experiences (including ambient corridors that respond to movement):


The Renaissance Midtown boasts a stylish clientele of guests and New Yorkers (who are eager to socialize in the Club Lounge, Library Lounge, and Lobby Bar). Our recommendation? Head to the hotel’s restaurant, Rock and Reilly’s, before a concert or sporting event at Madison Square Garden—it’s Quest‘s number-one choice in the area for food/drinks with a cool crowd.

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