Father’s Day Shopping At The Cary Collection

If you need a gift for the dad who has everything, then head over to Thomas Cary for something truly one-of-a-kind.

The founder of the eponymous Cary Collection, which he runs out of his Upper East Side apartment, offers what he calls “the finest and most glamorous assemblage of stylish rare books, fine art and vintage objects on the planet.”

And he’s probably right.

Cary is one of those great curators of objects who’s managed to combine Art Deco, Midcentury Modern, James Bond and preppiness, Cecil Beaton and the sport of polo, vintage velvet slippers and trinkets from The Stork Club into one unifying style vision. Somehow it all makes sense.

Cary has recently launched a tumblr where he shares stylish images (like the one above), along with his latest finds. And to make an appointment, call 917.670.1772.