Flights Of Fancy: James Prosek’s Unnatural History

The Bellarmine Museum at Fairfield University has extended its popular exhibition by Easton, Connecticut resident James Prosek. Entitled “Un-Natural History,” the exhibition features the artist’s watercolors, which impose witty and surreal elements on Audobon-style naturalist prints. Look closely at the cockatoo above and you’ll notice a Swiss Army Knife in place of head feathers.

Writes the museum in a release:

It is his capacity to look simultaneously at fact and folklore, science and myth, life and death that distinguishes Mr. Prosek as a writer and artist, as well as cinematographer. It is this same conflation of unusual talents and seemingly opposed interests that makes his exhibition at the Bellarmine so compelling. “James Prosek belongs in the pantheon of great American nature artists,” observed Anne Fadiman, renowned author, editor and professor of English at Yale. “But unlike most of them, he’s also a fine writer and an original thinker. In both his painting and his prose, he doesn’t just observe; he tweaks, plays, and, in effect, enters into dialogues with his subjects.”

“James Prosek: Un-Natural History” has been extended through January 27.