For Thirsty Skin To Drink Up

by Lily Hoagland

Lately, NYC weather has been the worst kind of guessing game. A gentle Spring day will be abruptly cut down by an icy blow, or the down jacket that seemed so necessary this morning becomes a huge, fluffy weight that afternoon. And unfortunately, one of the worst casualties of this meteorological roller coaster is our skin. When temperatures add and subtract like they’re training to be mathletes, skin gets sapped of its moisture. To help, here are some of our favorites products to protect against mummification:


La Mer’s Crème de la Mer: The high standard of moisturizers, this elegant jar is found on every vanity in the Upper East Side. If you need the most serious skin-softening product available, this thick cream will be your savior. (




Glo Therapeutics’ Refreshing Mist: During the day, you don’t necessarily want to slather something on your face whenever you start to feel dry. Keep this mist handy, and you can spritz your face with a hydrating spray that smells fantastic, thanks to its pomegranate extract. (



images-2Kiehl’s Rosa Artica: If your concern is more than just moisture but also – eek – wrinkles, this moisturizer boasts that its main ingredient, the “Resurrection Flower,” can dry out completely, survive for 31 days, and be fully restored with just a few drops of water. With a pedigree like that, a few forehead creases and crows feet should be a breeze. (