From Metropolitan to Main Street, Southampton

One of the best performing agents for Sotheby’s International Realty, Molly Ferrer grew up in Manhattan and Southampton. With a history as an active player in New York society, along with close ties to her aunt, Audrey Hepburn, and friends like Whit Stillman, Ferrer has become known as an expert on the Hamptons lifestyle. As such, she is one of the most well-connected brokers on the East End with clients like the late Henry W. Koehler. Below, Ferrer discusses her past and the Southampton market, which is increasingly becoming popular as a year-round destination.    

Molly Ferrer

Brooke Kelly: Did you know your aunt, Audrey Hepburn well?

Molly Ferrer: I did. My uncle brought Audrey to Southampton the summer after they married. Our family fell instantly in love with her and we stayed close throughout her life. A great sense of humor and a big, big heart. Also a little naughty. She was really fun and she could cook. She made the best profiteroles, from scratch. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. She was an extraordinary person. Beautiful on the inside and  on the outside.

BK: You were Whit Stillman’s muse for his first big hit, Metropolitan. Were you the inspiration for Sally Fowler?

MF: Yes. Whit’s a dear friend. We ran around together, in a brat pack in the ’70s. We segued from deb parties to Studio 54, Mudd Club, and Limelight. It was a fabulous time in New York. Lots of creative people making wonderful music, art, theater, and fashion. The Vietnam War finally ended and  the AIDs epidemic had not taken its toll. I remember being thrilled when Jackie Curtis and Pat Ast, who I’d met at the clubs, brought a few other characters from Andy Warhol’s Factory to my 21st birthday party. They didn’t stay long. Think they found me  and my uptown friends pretty square.

BK: So real estate. How long have you been with Sotheby’s in Southampton?

MF: Close to 20 years. Sotheby’s is the best brand. Period. Best listings. Best brokers biggest network, and well respected around the globe.

BK: The market’s been crazy on the East End. Who’s buying?

MF: Young families fleeing the city. Turnkey and new homes got the biggest COVID bump up in values. A year later, there’s still much demand across all price points. School districts, always a factor in say the Greenwich, Connecticut market but never a consideration here, has now become part of many buyers’ criteria.

BK: What special homes are you offering right now?

MF: Oh, I wish I could show you The Gables. It’s so lovely. Nothing grand or flashy just the quintessential beach house steps from the ocean. The perfect location and there’s a legal guest cottage. It’s such a gracious, comfortable house and  a gorgeous piece of property. I love it. Check it out at

BK: You have the late artist Henry Koehler’s house too, don’t you?

MF: I do. I sold it to Henry 25 years ago. He fell in love with the house’s authentic charm and the location, on the fringe of Southampton’s village center. It’s a classic and so was Henry. You know he was quite a clothes horse. The huge walk in closet in the principle bedroom, was filled with bespoke suits,  brogues, and velvet slippers. His family discovered that inside many pieces he’d marked where and when he’d acquired it. Now that’s a posh mark.

The Gables at 267 South Main Street in Southampton.