Gant x Yale Co-Op Goes Global

Back when students dressed for class better than many today dress for work, campus shops such as the Yale Co-op offered the then all-male student body all sorts of Ivy League Look staples such as oxford-cloth buttondowns, rep ties, and tweed sportcoats.

For years the Co-op’s leading shirt supplier was Gant, which was headquartered in New Haven and therefore an obvious partner:

Fashion changed, time took its toll on the Co-Op and the Gant brand fell into obscurity. But fashion is cyclical and eventually comes full circle. Gant returned to New Haven last year…

… and has worked to emphasize its historical connection to the university:

Today Gant has announced the international launch of its Yale Co-Op shirt collection, which first surfaced in the US last spring. Backing the relaunch is an extensive marketing campaign featuring a new crop of students plus well aged professors who remember the shirts from the first time around:

The collection is based on original ’60s designs that include such details as the locker loop (which guys would snip with scissors to indicate they were going steady; or maybe it was their girlfriends who did the snipping), third button on the back of the collar, and traditional fabrics such as oxford cloth and Indian madras:

The shirts, produced under an agreement with Yale’s office of marketing and licensing, are priced at $115. City dwellers unable to make the trek up to New Haven to visit the Gant store can visit the Fifth Avenue shop or go online at And thanks to the international launch, they’re also now available at Gant stores across Europe and Asia.

For more on Gant’s longtime association with Yale, springtime preppy style and a cool video, head over to the heritage page on the brand’s website.