Gilbert Albert Showroom Opens in New York

by Alex R. Travers

Jewelry this smart, inventive, and passionate is a rare species. So all praise to Gilbert Albert—one of the world’s premiere jewelry houses—for transforming natural exotic elements into works of art. But how can you even describe them? You have to see to believe.

This morning Nancy Liss and Scott Rink, sales associates at Gilbert Albert’s month-old New York showroom on 43 West 57th Street, showed me some of the nature-inspired jewelry the designer is world-renowned for. We started with an 18-karat yellow gold necklace that clenched violet cobaltocalcites. The cobaltocalcites were left unpolished and the contrast between the smooth gold and scabrous stone was stunning. Many of the pieces portray motion and the elements used are mind-blowing—at one point during the tour I asked Scott if Gilbert Albert was a geologist. He wasn’t, but must have been at the top of his class at the School of Fine Art in Geneva.

Two of my favorite materials were moldavites (an olive-green vitreous substance formed by a meteorite impact) and, believe it or not, fossilized dinosaur bones (see the image above)! On the third floor of the showroom were three horse whips—one of which, an 18-karat yellow gold design adorned with moonstone and diamonds, caught my eye. Holding it, I thought it was magnificent, if slightly unpractical for a Greenwich polo match.

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