Global Fashion Capitals at FIT

Numerous cities around the world have been racing to the top to become the fifth major fashion capital in addition to the existing four—Paris, New York, Milan, and London. This has further resulted in a new fashion frenzy that is beginning to rapidly emerge worldwide, and has caught the interest of the international press. Many cities are bringing their best to the table, and have been for the past 10 years and more, resulting in incredible new fashion designs and fashions weeks like you’ve never seen before.

Now who better to showcase this fashion frenzy than The Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the best fashion schools in the world. Currently, FIT’s Museum is showcasing a new exhibition called “Global Fashion Capitals,” which highlights the history of the already established fashion capitals. On display are pieces from some of the most talented designers from these cities. The museum funnels you through an assortment of styles, time periods, and locations starting with 30 garments and accessories by prominent designers from the four fashion capitals. Those designers include Charles Frederick Worth of Paris, Donna Karan of New York, Versace of Milan, and Alexander McQueen of London. In addition, “Global Fashion Capitals” selects 16 other cities, featuring three designers from each.

Upon entering the Museum at 227 West 27th Street, you are greeted with marble floors covered by a narrow red carpet cascading through to the official exhibition entrance. Proceeding further, you walk through double doors, and at first glance, see two uniquely bold pieces by Arzu Kaprol from Instanbul, Turkey, to start the tour. As you go along, in a timeline manner, you will see a section of New York designs starting with past selections to most present. Beginning around 1938, Nettie Rosenstein’s brown and green iridescent satin gown stands modestly amongst Alexander Wang’s snug orange dress from Spring-Summer 2015. Across from the New York selection, is a majority favorite piece from Lagos, Nigeria, by designer Lisa Folawiyo. This piece is a carefully finished cotton mix dress, with accents of bright cherry glass beads to the front. Along the sides are blends of blue beads cascading down in a pattern similar to the front of the dress, all against a teal and black patterned fabric.

Moving farther down on the first level, some other bold pieces come from São Paulo, Berlin, and Sydney. By designer Marina Hoermanseder from Berlin, the museum exhibits a daring statement dress that is impressive. From the blend of robust materials used, to the rich color, her “Dress and Sweater” from the Fall 2015 collection has kept viewers coming back for another look. Marina is one of many who have begun to lead a new design aesthetic in this frenzy to the top. Along with Hoermanseder, there are many more pieces to view, including statement heels and spunky handbags, that are best to see in person.

Be sure to not miss out on this exhibition! “Global Fashion Capitals” will only be open to the public until November 14 of this year. It comes highly recommended, especially if you ever need something to do on a rainy day. You will leave thinking “Wow” and want to come back again. Why not, it’s free anyway!