Going All In

by Lily Hoagland

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Photography by Ben Fink Shapiro

Shoshanna Gruss is a classic example of a woman turning her problem inside out and transforming it into her major asset.

Growing up as a short and buxom young woman, she had trouble finding dresses and swimsuits that fit both her figure and her youthful sense of self.  She trained to join the world of finance, but right before she was due to begin going down that road, she changed course. She decided what she really wanted to do was fill a void in fashion and create clothes for women like herself. She asked her father, Zach Lonstein, the CEO of Infocrossing, what he thought about her idea to create her own line. “You don’t even know what you don’t know about this business and what you’re doing,” he said, but then gave her full support for her sharp turn into the unknown.

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