Goldenberg Dermatology in Manhattan Offers Newest, Most Cutting-Edge Treatments in Skincare


Goldenberg Dermatology is a premier practice on the corner of 75th and Madison Avenue, founded by Gary and Kristina Goldenberg. This husband and wife duo combines their expertise and experience to provide the most cutting-edge treatments in cosmetic and medical dermatology. They are now offering two new life-changing treatments in their homey Upper East Side office to help the fights against hair loss and melanoma.

Gary and Kristina Goldenberg

Amniofix injections were once commonly used for orthopedic care, but are now being used in dermatology to treat hair loss. Amniofix, which is comprised of dehydrated amnion and chorion cells that are procured after a scheduled c-section, is crucial to treating hair loss as the cells not only halt the balding process, but also support the regrowth of hair follicles that were dormant. The procedure is virtually painless, with outstanding results visible within three to six months.

Goldenberg is also the first dermatology firm in the country to offer a new screening method for the immediate detection of melanoma. The device used, the Nevisense, gathers and analyzes precise electrical measurements in the epidermis and dermis within minutes of activation so that the doctors can objectively evaluate suspicious lesions before excision. Regarding the new procedure, Gary and Kristina Goldenberg note, “Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers in the United States. Prevention and early detection of melanoma should be a focus of every dermatology practice. We are thrilled to be the first practice in USA to offer Nevisense to our patients. This device will allow us to focus on lesions that are abnormal and detect these at the earliest stage, potentially saving lives. We will use Nevisense, along with careful physical examination, dermascopy, and photography, to offer the most comprehensive melanoma and dysplastic nevus detection approach available.”

To inquire about pricing or to book appointments, visit or call 212.405.8202.