Guide To Armory Arts Week

DNA Info has a handy guide to Armory Arts Week, which starts tomorrow.

The week of modern and contemporary art events takes its name, of course, from The Armory Show, the largest in New York and one of the flagship events on the international art scene.

Founded in 1994 and relocated to the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington in 1999, the show (which now takes place at Piers 92 and 94 along the Hudson River), has an even more interesting story behind its name. According to the organizers:

The name was an homage to the legendary 1913 exhibition of the same name that also took place in this building, which famously showcased works by avant-garde European artists never previously seen on American soil, side-by-side with their American counterparts. This original Armory Show is widely credited for bringing Modern art to New York, and its eclectic and unorthodox mix of genres, juxtaposing Vincent van Gogh alongside Marcel Duchamp and Edward Hopper, has been a source of inspiration for ensuing decades and continues to linger today, 99 years later.

 Armory Arts Week, which consists of 13 separate fairs, runs through March 11th.