Handmade Carpets of Unmatched Luxury, Quality and Integrity


If you’re designing or redecorating your space and searching for the finest in luxury floor coverings, start with the hand-knotted designs of Tufenkian Artisan Carpets. Tufenkian Artisan Carpets stand alongside those few, precious heirlooms accumulated over a lifetime, treasured for their longevity, production value, artistry, and rarity. Future generations will not identify Tufenkian as just another “Early 21st Century Handmade Carpet” in the auction houses of that day, but as respected, relevant, and functional works of art.

Tufenkian carpets are made from the highest quality materials with great respect to the environment and to the artisans who make them. With the goal in mind to leave the places they touch a little better than they found them, the Tufenkian brand stands for integrity, quality, and lasting value. This superior quality allows Tufenkian rugs to wear beautifully over time and increase in value as they are enjoyed throughout the years.

Tufenkian leads the handcrafted carpet industry in both innovative design and high style, and in quality and integrity, with stringent environmental and social practices that are unmet by other manufacturers. Tufenkian goes well beyond the standard fair trade practices and no child labor policies by strictly prohibiting the employment of workers under the age of 18. They also ensure children of Tufenkian craftspeople and workers are cared for by dedicating a portion of revenues each year to establish and maintain schools, medical facilities and housing in the communities where they live. Rest easy and enjoy the elegant beauty and finest quality of a Tufenkian design, knowing it was made with complete integrity and without compromise.

For more information, visit www.tufenkiancarpets.com.