Handsome Holidays: Debbie Fisher Dishes on Charleston in December


With the holiday season in full swing, Debbie Fisher, Broker-In-Charge of acclaimed real estate firm Handsome Properties and active community member, tells us more about this festive and culturally diverse time of year in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Brooke Kelly: Tell me about Charleston during the holidays.

Debbie Fisher: Charleston is a very diverse city as it has been since the 17th century. We are fortunate that from as early as the pre-Revolution we embraced different religions and cultures. Charlestonians joyfully light the Christmas tree on King Street as well as the Hannukah menorah and Kwanza kinara during the season in Marion Park. Our decorations are beautiful but modest as from an earlier time when love, peace, and joy were truly the meaning of the season. It is a very festive and exciting time with lots of good food in the open-air markets, festive dinner menus at the restaurants, concerts, and decorated lamp posts lining our cobblestoned streets. Our decorated horse-drawn carriages are filled with warm blankets for their patrons. It’s truly magical. 

BK: What are the most notable festivities? 

DF: Along with the tree lighting on King Street, and the lighting of the menorah and kinara in Marion Square, we look forward to our parade filled with residents lining the streets as local businesses, high school bands, and various affiliations participate. Charleston Place Belmond Hotel always displays an incredible toy train exhibit that fascinates all ages, and The Nutcracker and other Christmas productions are performed in our Charleston Gaillard Center on George Street. 

BK: How do the values of Handsome Properties reflect the different holidays celebrated throughout Charleston?

DF: At Handsome Properties, we appreciate our community and we give back by participating in Toys for Tots. The agents contribute to the Handsome Properties Charitable Fund throughout the year, and they decide what charity or charities to which the funds will be dispersed. We value our Handsome family and we celebrate the hard work of each and every one of our team members and also our families for their support. We respect our citizens and slow down a bit to remember and to be thankful for what we have, but keep those in this world who may not been so fortunate in our thoughts and prayers. We each reflect on the year and try to improve as a person, a professional, a spouse, a partner, or a family member. 

BK: In what ways do people use their homes to show their excitement for the holidays?

DF: On the Peninsula in our historic homes, our second-floor drawing rooms get the most use during this time of the year than any other. We love to entertain in style with beautiful and special things…many things that may have been handed down for generations. We enjoy old recipes and celebrating in the country at oyster roasts and at the beach near a warm fire enjoying a more casual meal with cornbread, shrimp and grits, and collards. Afterwards, if weather permits, we get in a bike ride on the beach. 

BK: What does the real estate market in Charleston look like during this time of the year?

DF: This time of year is usually brisk for us as many visitors are in Charleston and, as so many do, they fall head over heels for our beautiful city and decide to pursue a possible purchase. We also have many second-home owners and their families enjoying the season in Charleston, which also helps with our market. u