Here’s To A Sweet Weekend

Desserts are often the best part of any meal, so here are some of our favorite sweet treats that will make you want to skip the entrée and head right to the finale.–STEFAN DOYNO (@TheWriteStefan)

Although it’s technically not a “dessert” it certainly could be. A gigantic goblet of chocolatey euphoria.  Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is as famous as it is addictive. The only question is why on earth they serve it with two straws. No one ever wants to share. 

Photo credit:  Liz Steger(Photo credit: Liz Steger)

Nobu Fifty Seven is known for its outrageously fresh and creative take on traditional sushi, but their desserts are just as jaw-dropping. Take the Bento Box for example, warm chocolate fondant cake served with sesame crisp and a scoop of refreshing green tea ice cream.

(Nobu’s Bento Box Dessert)

Marble Lane, located at the Dream Downtown is a warm and trendy steak joint with an edge. After you devour your sirloin you’re going to need something sweet. The Rocky Mountain is a giant slice of devil’s food cake, served with marquis mousse, and the best part? The peanut popcorn butterscotch. Salty, sweet, savory. Need we go on? 
(Marble Lane’s Rocky Mountain Dessert)


“I love stopping at People’s Pops after eating out. The Balsamic-Strawberry flavor is my faves!”–ELIZABETH BROWN (@ElizabethQBrown)

(People’s Pops)

There’s nothing I love more than a good lemon tart, so when I visited my cousin who interns in the kitchens at the Met, I had to try their lemon meringue tart with raspberry drizzle, blueberry compote, and a scoop of vanilla gelato– it was the best, obviously. –JIHAD HARKEEM


Skip dessert at the restaurant and take a romantic stroll to Magnolia Bakery to treat your taste buds royally. With desserts that look as good in person as they do in pictures, there is something for everyone. My personal favorite is the banana pudding. Creamy banana pudding and soft Nilla wafers make even the banana-wary person go bananas for this tasty treat! –DALY REARDON (@dalyreardon)

(Magnolia Bakery’s Cupcakes)