Historic Hangouts

New York City is filled with great food and great history. Here are some of our favorite historical places right now from uptown to downtown, east and west. –STEFAN DOYNO

The Palm is known for its steak, lobster, and caricatures of famous individuals. The first restaurant opened up in 1926 on 2nd Ave. and several other locations have opened since. “I celebrate all my birthdays at steakhouses, Elizabeth Q. Brown (@ElizabethQBrown) tells Quest. “Palm West is easily my favorite.”

“The Jane Hotel is my historical hangout for the summer. This building is a landmark. The brick neoclassical building is located right on the West Side Highway and Jane Street and was built in 1907 by a Presbyterian group called the American Seamen’s Friends Society. The hotel also housed the survivors of the Titanic. I like the hotel’s bar for its great drinks, oldies music, and that old-world charm, all the while remaining young and¬†hip.” –Stefan Doyno (@TheWriteStefan)

Michael’s: In 1979, Michael McCarty opened his restaurant Michael’s in Santa Monica to a very receiving crowd. A decade later, Michael’s opened up in New York on 55th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues and it has been a success ever since. With pristine white tablecloths and fabulous modern art covering the walls, Michael’s has a distinctly ‘New York’ feel to it. It’s the kind of place that transcends time; it’s a classic. With delicious food and impeccable service, it’s the spot to see and be seen.” –Daly Reardon (@dalyreardon)

“I’d have to go with Delmonico’s in the Financial District. My family loves to celebrate here and the staff knows hospitality. The first fine dining restaurant in America, Delmonico’s pioneered the Baked Alaska, Eggs Benedict, and, of course, Delmonico’s Steak.” –Megan Malloy (@megdevereux)

Located on the corner of 74th and Third, JG Melon¬†opened in 1972 and has been an Upper East Side staple ever since. “Best bloody bull and burgers in town,” says Elizabeth Meigher (@emeigher). Everyone from locals, politicians and celebrities gather to enjoy their famous burgers and cottage fries. The restaurant does not take reservations in advance, nor do they accept credit cards, so be sure to bring some cash.