Holiday House NYC to Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness


There is a new inspiring interior design exhibition open in support of Breast Cancer Research, the 11th edition of the annual event will offer a peek inside one of the lavish homes on New York’s Upper East Side. Holiday House NYC will be accessible through December 2, 2018 and features 20 talented industry-leading designers and brands, including Vanessa Deleon of Vanessa Deleon Associates. Known for her glamorous yet minimal approach to interiors and fashion-forward sensibility, her signature style is inspired by her Cuban roots. Deleon took on the bi-level, loft-like space overlooking a pool on the top floor as a challenge. “I wanted to design a space that was a complete departure from the fashion driven, moody boudoir I designed last year,” she says.

The theme of the room, “Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil” speaks the principle feeling of cancer: if we can do away with the disease, we will never have to speak of it, hear of it, or see anyone suffer from it again. Holiday House NYC will feature fully shoppable rooms this year. The house is located on 118 East 76th Street, on the Upper East side.

The eye-catching sky lounge and poolroom reflect a cohesive retreat-like space, reminiscent of a seaside escape. Monochromatic waterproof furniture outfitted in durable Sunbrella fabric encourages tranquility and elevates preconceived notions of outdoor furniture. In order to enhance the seaside feel—while still referencing the spirit of the holidays—Deleon features mesmerizing shades of blue-on-blue with undertones of silver, subconsciously reminding visitors to relax. Various avant-garde accents transform the space to add interest and depth, from the wire lounging art pieces to the wall grouping of pearl white and polished aluminum.