House of Cards Premiere: Great Promise, Even Greater Star Power

by Lily Hoagland

Alice Tully Hall was sparkling last night at the premiere for the Netflix show House of Cards.

The first two episodes were screened in front of a crowd that included the stars and director of the show: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and David Fincher. Also in attendance were Harvey Weinstein, Rooney Mara, Carla Gugino, Soledad O’Brien, David Cross and Amber Tamblyn, Glenn Close, and the recently-out Victor Garber with his lovely partner. After the show, everyone nibbled delectable Southern-style treats.

The show is a Damages meets House of Lies for the DC politics set. Kevin Spacey plays a cutthroat congressman who gets deceived by the very President he just helped elect, so decides to avenge himself with political intrigue and maneuvering that Beltway insiders know all too well. Compelling, captivating, and ferocious, the series will likely suck you in—which is what Netflix is counting on.

This is the first time Netflix has created original content, and they are trying to appeal to the “On-Demand” generation by releasing the entire first season on Friday. They want to reach an audience of TV marathoners, and they certainly picked the right material. Each episode has enough twists and cliffhangers that it’s hard not to want to see what happens next…just one more…last one, I swear…and before you know it, you’ve whiled away several hours.

Cancel your plans, you’re staying in.

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