Inside Look: Ralph Lauren’s Virtual US Open Suite

Ralph Lauren is the Official Outfitter of the US Open, and in celebration of the 2020 tournament, Andy Cohen hosted a ‘virtual suite night’ and pre-match conversation, prior to the Women’s semifinals, with tennis legend Martina Navratilova. Andy and Martina chatted for 30 minutes about all things tennis—how the tournament is different this year, favorite moments in tennis history, and Martina’s career and rivalry with Chris Evert.

Ralph Lauren is the Official Outfitter of the US Open

Dr. Erik Blutinger, an emergency medicine physician at Mount Sinai, made a guest appearance during the conversation and spoke about his incredible experience in the fight against COVID 19 in NYC—and introduced his new fiancé! This year, Ralph Lauren honored Dr. Blutinger and 150 frontline workers from Mount Sinai Health System by putting their individual names on the backs of each ball person uniform.

Andy Cohen (top left), Martina Navratilova (top right), and Dr. Erik Blutinger and his fiancé (below).

 Over 1,500 guests attended the conversation via zoom and sent in questions for Andy and Martina to answer.

Co-hosts Andy Cohen and Martina Navratilova