Intensity is Addictive at DRILL FITNESS in TriBeCa


New York Fashion Week is over, but visions of models are dancing in our heads… We eye their physiques and say: We can do it, we swear. And we can do it, at Drill Fitness at 136 Church Street. The name of the game? Intensity is addictive.

Drill Fitness was started by Winston Fisher, an ironman triathlete who practices what he preaches. The studio offers a series of classes, designed to sculpt the body of your dreams: Drill Body: FIT; Drill Body: HIIT; Drill Ride (45 minutes); and Drill Ride (60 minutes). (Drill Body: FIT and Drill Body: HIIT integrate cardio and strength training while Drill Ride is about cycling with interval training.)

Quest visited Drill Fitness for Drill Body: HIIT in preparation for a weekend in Mexico. (And our Instagrams from the beaches of Tulum are thrilled with our choice.) We arrived, strapping a band around our chest to monitor our heart rate throughout the class—like the “power” numbers at Flywheel, which encourage us to compete with ourselves and others.

This tool is key. Could we rev our heart rate, going from 75 percent to 95 percent of our ability? Intensity is, indeed, addictive—if you commit. We found ourselves sweating (and we mean sweating) through 50 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. From pushups and sit-ups to dumbbells and kettle-bells, the session was comprehensive. We engaged our muscles, from head to core to toe. (Think Barry’s Bootcamp, without the respite of running.) By 9 a.m., we had earned our shower—and our weekend in Mexico!

For more information on Drill Fitness, call 212.233.7455 or visit