It Seems Like Yesterday

Paul and Linda McCartney had the most idyllic place in the South of England—a vast estate set in Peasmarsh in East Sussex, practically on the spot that began the Norman conquest of England—where the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066.
As I recall, Linda had seen this beautiful Appaloosa horse standing alone in a vast field one day when they were out for a drive. Paul had given it to her after she said it was the most beautiful horse she had ever seen.
Always a free spirit, Linda was a champion rider by the age of 13, but here she preferred to ride bareback and barefoot with only a braided reins.
When you were with them it was easy to see that they were a team, completely natural and at ease with each other. They married in 1969 and Linda performed with Wings on stage, and they were together until her untimely death in 1998.
It has been said that Paul’s last words to Linda described her as riding on her Appaloosa on a spring day with a clear blue sky. A beautiful way to remember her.