It Seems Like Yesterday

I’m proud to have photographed the last 12 U.S. presidents as I believe I am the only person to have done so. The contact sheet shown here was created by Gigi for our new book, Harry Benson: Persons of Interest.

Traveling with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on his U.S. tour in 1967, we stopped in Palm Springs, California, for a short visit at the home of former President Eisenhower.

President and Mrs. Kennedy visited Paris in 1961. At the Arc de Triomphe, JFK kept looking at me as I climbed up a slippery ledge to take this photograph.

President and Mrs. Johnson at the Statue of Liberty as LBJ had just signed an important immigration bill. I was happy to receive one of the signing pens.

While campaigning for re-election in 1972 in Laredo, Texas, President Nixon was greeted with cheers along the parade route.

President Ford became Nixon’s vice president in 1973. We flew in Air Force 2 from Boston to Washington, D.C., for Ford to take up his new position.

While President Carter was fishing near his boyhood home in Plains, Georgia, the Secret Service agents told us there had been a rattlesnake sunning itself nearby.

President Reagan was campaigning for the governorship of California when I photographed him with Mrs. Reagan at their Santa Barbara, California, ranch in 1966.

President George H.W. Bush swimming in 1978 with his favorite dog, C. Fred, at his home in Houston, Texas, shortly after he was tapped to be Reagan’s running mate.

My favorite photograph of President and Mrs. Clinton is this one taken in 1992 at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock, before they moved into the White House.

I told President George W. Bush that I had become an American citizen as I photographed him at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, Texas, in 2000.

President Barack Obama was honoring a group of Wounded Warriors on the South Lawn of the White House when I photographed him in 2009.

In the Taj Mahal security “cage” in Atlantic City in 1990, President Trump was happy to hold a million dollars for me to photograph.