It Seems Like Yesterday

Married from 1977–1992 to the future President of the United States, the charismatic former first Mrs. Donald Trump, mother of Don, Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, was happy to be photographed in Palm Beach in late 1992.
Heads turned when the glamorous Ivana walked into the living room of the venerable Mar-a-Lago, the childhood home of the lovely actress Dina Merrill. In a shimmering, glittering outfit, Ivana looked dazzling. Walking toward me, she stopped at the doorway, and I said, “Just stay there for a moment, Ivana, you look fabulous,” and she complied.

Over the years I have photographed the vivacious Ivana quite a few times and have always found her to be charming and quite perceptive. Her sense of humor is still intact, for when we ran into each other recently at New York’s Cipriani restaurant, she motioned me over to her table for a quick hello and left me with an amusing anecdote on the unexpected paradox of what has happened since we last met.