It Seems Like Yesterday

For this month’s Palm Beach Issue, I chose the photograph from the cover of my book Palm Beach People, which was the second book co-authored by Gigi’s and my friend Hilary Geary Ross. Hilary wrote the introduction and the text to the book, and her expertise was key in helping to select many of the photographs.

Shown here on the beach with her white Labrador, Bailey, Tatiana Pritchett Smith, a Duke graduate, is the lovely granddaughter of Earl E. T. Smith, who was mayor of Palm Beach from 1971 to 1977. Smith has the distinction of not only having been the mayor of Palm Beach, but also U.S. ambassador to Cuba when Castro came to power—what an historic event to have witnessed.

Tatiana’s exuberance and fresh, young energy exemplify the “new” Palm Beach, while her family history ties her to the venerable city’s past—making her the perfect choice for this Palm Beach Issue.