It Seems Like Yesterday

Halston was hosting a gala benefit for one of his favorite charities at Tanglewood in the Berkshires, and had invited two of his closest friends, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, to join him.

The trio had agreed to let me photograph them at the event. When I arrived that lovely sunny June afternoon in 1977, Liza and Liz were getting ready. Hair and makeup artists were buzzing around. And each was wearing a dress designed especially for them by Halston. Halston was busy making certain every detail was perfect, insuring the event would go as smoothly as planned.

As I needed a portrait of the three together with a plain background, my assistant, photographer Jonathan Delano, brought along a roll of seamless paper. The dilemma was where to put up the background paper? Wall space was tight, as the dinner was being held in the garden—the tables covered in floral tablecloths topped with white flowers, but there were no walls except outside the bathroom where Liz and Liza were dressing.

As improvisation is the father of invention, Jonathan proceeded to tape the seamless paper to the outside of the bathroom wall. When the stars emerged, camera-ready, I asked them to stand where they were with Halston in between the two. The idea of being photographed outside the loo struck them as so funny that they immediately cracked up laughing. I have a feeling it was the first time these three extraordinary stars had been asked to pose in front of a bathroom.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph these three icons—Halston, Liz, and Liza—together. They were all good sports—superstars with no egos having a good time as I clicked away.

Halston, Liza, and Liz, photographed at Tanglewood, June 1977.