It Seems Like Yesterday

When the legendary designer Halston was at the top of his game, a glittering entourage of gorgeous models included the four dazzling women shown here at Halston’s minimalist showroom in the Olympic Tower. Laughing and twirling in outfits as chic today as when they were designed in 1978, shown from left to right are Karen Bjornson, Alva Chinn, Connie Cook, and Pat Cleveland.

Halston loved being surrounded by his young and beautiful entourage, especially when he made an entrance at his favorite Studio 54. All dressed in distinctively Halston outfits, they caused people to stop and do a double take as they entered a room.

Without question, Halston’s talent was extraordinary. He was the only American designer at the time considered a peer by the haughty French couturiers. Halston loved being famous, but he was a hard worker and his designs were extremely innovative; many withstood the test of time. Halston was a design genius.

I haven’t seen any of the Halstonettes in years, but from what I have read, they are all doing well. Still looking fabulous, Karen, Pat, and Alva walked the runway for Naeem Kahn during New York Fashion Week in 2019. Several were interviewed for the nostalgic 2019 Halston documentary, which brought back lots of fond memories… The memories are so vivid, it almost seems like yesterday.

The Halstonettes, from left to right: Karen Bjornson, Alva Chinn,
Connie Cook, and Pat Cleveland.