It Seems Like Yesterday

I was glad when the illustrious Women’s Committee of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center agreed to be photographed in 1974. The appointment was for 2 o’clock, and I remember getting there early to set up lights and camera and was quite impressed that everyone was already there. All of these impressive, no-nonsense women, including several old friends now gone, were dedicated to promoting awareness and raising funds to keep MSK on the cutting-edge of cancer research, education and treatment. They were determined to help in the fight to conquer cancer. These dedicated women and those who have followed have to share in the credit for keeping Memorial Sloan-Kettering, simply put, the best.

Front row, seated, left to right: Mrs. Walter B. Delafield, Mrs. J. Frederic Byers III (now Califano), Mrs. Marilyn T. Graves, Mrs. Randolph B. Marston, Mrs. John R. Fell, Mrs. Thomas L. Kempner, Mrs. Walter Nelson Pharr, Mrs. Thorburn Rand, and Mrs. Harmon L. Remmel. Middle row, 
from left to right: Mrs. Clyde M. Newhouse, Mrs. Robert McKinney, Mrs. Howeth T. Ford, Mrs. Thayer Gilpatric, Mrs. Guy G. Rutherfurd. Back row, from left to right: Mr. Locke McLean, Mrs. Laurance S. Rockefeller, Mrs. Walter A. Nicholis, Mrs. Paul Sherlock, Ms. Mildred Custin, Mrs. Evelyn Laskoe, Mrs. Charles N. Breed, Mrs. Kerryn King, Mrs. Percy L. Douglas, 
Mr. Lyman Clardy, Mrs. John Bourke, Mrs. John Winsko, Mrs. George Hyman. (Courtesy of Harry Benson)