It Seems Like Yesterday

After their success on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in New York on February 9, 1964, the Beatles were booked for a second appearance on the show the following week, to be broadcast from Miami. We took the train during a blizzard to Washington, D.C., for a party at the British Embassy—then flew to Miami the next day.

When we stepped off the plane, we thought we were in paradise—the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and the Beatles and I were happy.

After we checked into the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach, the Beatles changed into bathing suits and the same white terrycloth jackets (gifts from a fan) and headed for the beach. Immediately, they were surrounded: girls were trying to kiss them—slight hysteria ensued—and they were having fun.

Later, I took them to the meet Cassius Clay at the 5th Street Gym…the five most-photographed people in the world. Clay ran circles around them, but it was all in fun.

The Beatles were in the process of changing the world…and it all seems just like yesterday.

The Beatles in Miami Beach, February 1964. (Harry Benson)