It Seems Like Yesterday

He was the first to play Bond. James Bond. And most agree he was the ultimate 007.

The photograph here was taken in 1965, well before Bond Girls were seen as politically incorrect. There were quite a few Fleet Street photographers around when I photographed Sean Connery in bed with Bond Girl Luciana Paluzzi. Their scenes together added a bit of fun on the set of Thunderball.

About 9 or 10 months ago my friend Sir David Murray called me from his home in Scotland and, after a brief hello, he handed the telephone to his longtime friend Sir Sean Connery. We talked for quite some time as we have several friends in common. Connery gave the impression that he wanted to do more with his life. I was surprised that he knew quite a bit about me, and we planned to meet up when we were next in the same place at the same time…unfortunately with COVID-19 and his health, it never happened. 

Connery was from Edinburgh. I was from Glasgow…  There is an intense rivalry between the cities that is hard to describe, but strangely enough when the two of us spoke I sensed that perhaps he would have preferred to be from Glasgow.

Sean Connery in bed with Bond Girl Luciana Paluzzi, 1965. (Harry Benson)