It Seems Like Yesterday

Backstage was frantic as the models prepared to prance out before the waiting crowd at British couturier Vivienne Westwood’s show in Paris in 1993. As I walked into the dressing room, I immediately spotted Kate Moss across the room. Actually, I didn’t recognize her at first…but she looked straight at me and never moved her eyes as I came closer and closer, snapping photographs as I walked.  

Actually, I was surprised that Kate walked out into the crowd eating a popsicle exactly as I photographed her wearing a fancy pirate’s hat, striped short-shorts, pink ankle-strap ultra-high heels, and nothing else but an interesting necklace. In the audience was director Robert Altman, who was there with one of the film’s stars Anouk Aimee doing research for his upcoming film Ready to Wear.

It was a fun week in Paris…full of excitement for the designers who nervously waited for Women’s Wear, Paris Match, Vogue, and Bazaar to anoint or dismiss their collections. Until next season…

Kate Moss (left) and Nadja Auermann at Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show in Paris, 1993.