It Seems Like Yesterday

In new Orleans to photograph Brad Pitt, I found it interesting that no one mobbed him as we walked along Bourbon Street in the Latin Quarter. Even though he is a throwback to the glamour of Old Hollywood, everyone respected his privacy.  

At ease with the local residents, his priority was his project “Make it Right.” Brad enlisted architects from around the world to design affordable housing for the displaced families whose homes were destroyed near the Industrial Canal by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He had a determined vision for replacing the lost homes in the Lower Ninth Ward with affordable housing using solar energy to produce electricity. The acclaimed actor told me he wasn’t going to stop until the entire community had been rebuilt.  

It took tremendous effort and determination with many people coming together to complete the project…and Brad Pitt was there for the duration. One could actually envision the entire endeavor as a film featuring a real Movie Star. And as an aside, I believe we all will be happy when theaters open again—when we can all “go out to the movies” and settle in for a good film…starring Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt in New Orleans, Louisiana, for his “Make It Right” project.