It Seems Like Yesterday

Happy 35th birthday to Quest! It’s hard to fathom that 35 years have flown by since the first issue of Quest hit the stands. My column began in May 2006, after the illustrious publisher Chris Meigher took the reins from founding editor, Heather Cohane, and where the remarkable David Patrick Columbia has been holding court each month with incredible stories that surprise, entertain, and inform.

On a personal note… Over the years I have been privileged to work with the talented editor, Elizabeth Meigher, on many fun assignments—and now with Alex Travers who painstakingly pushes me to turn in my column on time each month. I have enjoyed working with many fine young editors who have gone on to great heights after learning the ropes at Quest.

Quest is a serious magazine and I’m thankful that it’s here. It’s very reassuring to know that my photographs will be treated with respect, and it makes me want to take the best possible photographs when on assignment. I look forward to keeping up with the magazine’s high standard—I’m doing my best for it! 

The incredible publisher Chris Meigher’s boundless energy keeps the magazine on track—a magazine to be reckoned with—while readers turn to the keenly perceptive David Patrick Columbia as the arbiter of good taste… What’s happening now? And what happened then?

Quest is a damn good magazine which makes writers and photographers, myself included, proud to be a part of its heritage.