It Seems Like Yesterday

The Republican presidential nominee in 2000, George W. Bush, was still the Governor of Texas when I photographed him for the first time at the governor’s mansion, an imposing home in the center of Austin with huge white columns …. possibly to hold up the roof or more likely just for the design effect.

As I recall the day, after a serious interview with a very young student reporter, the governor became quite gregarious. During an afternoon reception he pointed a can of Wacky Spray at me as I photographed him. Remember Wacky Spray? It was all the rage at children’s parties at the time.

When I was about to start taking photographs in his office, the governor asked me where I was from, as he could hear my Scottish accent, then asked if I was an American citizen.

“Yes, I said, I had become an American citizen in 1999, and by the way, I was married to a Texan.” (Even though the governor was actually born in Connecticut, most people think of him as being a Texan). 

He thought for a moment, then pointed his golf club at me, saying, “You are an American citizen and that means you can vote … and I am asking for your vote in the upcoming presidential election.”

I paused before answering and replied, “Well, let’s see how the photography goes today.”  

Then we both laughed …

And we all know what happened next … George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States.