It Seems Like Yesterday

For the first issue of People Magazine which appeared on the newsstands on March 4, 1974, Los Angeles-based, famed society columnist Shelia Graham, along with comedian/actor Bob Hope and I, ventured to Florida to document the Palm Beach lifestyle.

Mia Farrow, who was starring in The Great Gatsby with Robert Redford, graced the cover, and my Palm Beach photographs covered six or more pages in the issue.

Most of those photographed loved the issue, but I later learned that Leighton Rosenthal bought every magazine in Palm Beach and Shaker Heights, Ohio. Therefore, depending on whom you asked, he either loved or hated the lovely photograph of his daughter, Cynthia Boardman, in the issue. 

In the photograph of the handsome, high-profile couple, James Kimberly,  the dashing grandson of the founder of Kimberly Clark, kisses the hand of his young wife, Jacquie, at their home in Palm Beach. 

Kimberley, who wore a gold earring and raced Ferraris seemed ahead of his time and married Jacquie two years after they met. She was 19, he was 62. They became known for their celebrated soirees, their glamorous friends, and their alleged escapades.

The couple almost divorced a year after my photograph was taken, amidst rumors that would become fodder for books and films to come, finalizing their split in 1985.

Since I wasn’t involved in any of the alleged adventures and can’t confirm or deny anything you may have heard or read… I will just say: It was an interesting time and it seems like yesterday.

Jim and Jacquie Kimberly at home in Palm Beach in 1974. (Courtesy of Harry Benson)