It Seems Like Yesterday

RL Stand in Snow 3@Benson 1983 lg

Have you ever planned to go somewhere with three people, hoping the third one doesn’t show up? Well that happened to me 32 years ago.

Ralph Lauren was going to take a New York Times writer and me to his ranch in Colorado for a story we were doing. Mr. Lauren and I were sitting on the plane when Ralph received a phone call saying the writer wasn’t able to join us. I don’t remember the excuse the writer gave, and I don’t care. Mr. Lauren said that we’d go anyway and that made me happy.  What it did mean was I was going to have the next couple of days to do my job with no bother.

The vast ranch, surrounded by beautiful snow-peaked mountains, was a stunning sight. The fields were filled with “RL”-branded cattle and horses. It was easy to see how one could be happy there. It was quite inspirational. He rode his favorite dappled horse and he roped a calf, wrestling it to the ground. All the while, two friendly dogs stayed close to Mr. Lauren. That night, we had a beautiful dinner at a chalet on the property. 

I had two great days taking photographs before retuning to New York. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend that I haven’t forgotten.