It Seems Like Yesterday: a Memorable Afternoon with Lauren Hutton


She was a supermodel before the term was invented. Yet, to me, a better way to describe the remarkable Lauren Hutton would be persona extraordinaire. Not only has the still-in-demand Lauren graced 40 covers of Vogue, she was the first to demand a modeling contract. And after becoming the ubiquitous “Face of Revlon,” she moved on to star opposite Richard Gere in the cult classic American Gigolo.

When we walked out to the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge with the World Trade Center as backdrop for this 1990 photograph, I didn’t tell Lauren heights frighten me. She, of course, was as fearless as she has always been throughout her entire career. Who had ever heard of a model refusing to fix the gap in her top two front teeth and still become one of the most famous and sought-after faces of all time?

As she climbed up on the railing, I told Lauren to hold on and lean in—not out the other way toward the water. She laughed and told me not to worry—a boat would catch her if she fell. I replied, “Maybe or maybe not.”

As she pointed out her apartment from the bridge, the photographs were taken quickly as I didn’t have a permit for photographing on the bridge, much less for having her stand on the railing while cars slowed to stare and wave.

I like the photograph because it shows Lauren as she is—full of life and keen on adventure. Not everyone would hop up on the railing of the Brooklyn Bridge without batting an eye. But more than that, I respect Lauren Hutton as a person who has always marched to her own drum, without compromise. How many people can you say that about?