It’s All About Shoes!

Shoes are a staple in every person’s wardrobe, but depending on the wearer, they can transform from basic functionality to a unique and compelling fashion accessory that can “make or break” an outfit as a distinct expression of personal style. From vintage and quirky, to edgy and Goth, and sleek and high-end, It’s All About Shoes shows an eclectic mix of what fashion-forward mavens choose to put on their feet each morning to make a statement on the everyday runway of city streets. In an increasingly globalized and homogenized culture, it is these daring individuals, whether devoted followers of fashion or completely devoid of trend, that street style photographer Suzanne Middlemass has captured for their bold, beautiful, strange, yet always interesting choices in footwear that make them truly stand out. It’s All About Shoes presents a variety of exciting and inspiring street style images with a “sole” focus on shoes!

The author, Suzanne Middlemass, is a British photographer living in London. Since completing her Fine Art degree in 2001, Suzanne spent the following few years assisting before enrolling on a Diploma course in photography at the renowned London College of Communication, London. Straight out of college she started working for magazines and, in 2011, she became a contributing Street Style photographer.Today, Suzanne travels the globe shooting street style and backstage at international fashion weeks for an array of universal brands and clients.

She has been commissioned by such publications as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Glamour, and GQ for her street style photography. Her passion for fashion, photography, and travel has taken her across Europe and the U.S. to the most influential Fashion Weeks in the world.

This book is a perfect gift for student of footwear fashion, cultural anthropology, fans and admirers of innovative street style fashion, or anyone looking for creative personal style inspiration!

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Here are a few shots from inside the cover of It’s All About Shoes.
All photos © 2017 Suzanne Middlemass

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