JFK Adds New Work of Public Art by Dimitar Lukanov

Dimitar-A004On February 26, artist Dimitar Lukanov unveiled his sculpture, “Outside Time,” in the Departure Hall at New York’s JFK Airport Terminal 4. The work is the signature piece of a three-work sculpture project commissioned to Lukanov by JFKIAT LLC in 2012 as part of a major redevelopment that Terminal 4 is undergoing to accommodate 15 million passengers.

“‘Outside Time’ is a veritable drawing in space, a breathless, effortless, instantaneous gesture in the air. The piece aspires to halt, even momentarily, the relentlessness of time, to indeed be outside time,” says Lukanov. “I do transparent sculptures that converse with nature. The bronze and iron used in my work long for permanence, but the forms and illusions are ephemeral. The end result of my sculpture is an abbreviated script of matter dissolved within the air.”

For more information, visit jfkiat.com or dimitarlukanov.com