La Bella Vita: Lusso By Fabio Angri Debuts in New York


Designer Fabio Angri’s boutique jewelry line, Lusso—meaning “luxury” in Italian—has been long-revered across Italy for its one-of-a-kind pieces and endless customizations. This season, the designs are available stateside for the first time, launched in a private trunk show in New York City earlier this month. Shoppers were dazzled by Lusso’s colorful and unique designs, all crafted at the Angri facility in Valenza, Italy, a city renowned for jewelry.

All of the pieces are made in 18-kt. yellow, white, or rose gold with hand-carved engravings. Delicately colored stones are individually hand-set with microscopic precision by the brand’s 18 Italian craftsmen. “My wish is to have people fall in love with my art, my designs, and my way of being,” Angri says of bringing the line to the United States. “My jewelry is not a symbol of wealth and opulence, but instead, of a force that each woman embodies inside herself, like a tiger or a panther. I want women to be able to wear jewelry that represents the essence of their being, their character, and their personality.” Quest sat down with the designer to peek inside the line and find out what’s inspiring him right now.

Q: You’ve been in the business for 20 years. What makes you so passionate about fine jewelry?
A: I was always fascinated by the possibility of creating with my own hands and transforming my ideas into a reality that you can wear.

Q: A lot of your pieces represent wildlife. How do nature and animals inspire your designs?
A: I believe that nothing more beautiful and perfect exists than what is created by God. I use my gift, knowing how to shape the noblest metal, to reproduce the beauty of nature with my emotions.

Q: What are some of your favorite stones to work with?
A: Personally, it is impossible to single out one particular precious stone. Loving nature, I love all the colors and what they represent, and consequently I am attracted to all that is beautiful, whatever its shape or color.

Q: Where do you go to find inspiration for your pieces?
A: I go within myself, my mood, inside my own state of being. You can see in my collections when I am happy or even when I am angry; I have a pendant that represents a sad period in my life—a heart that cries. Despite what it symbolizes, it is one of the most popular pieces, because all of us have dark moments that ultimately make us stronger. Another example, one summer morning I was eating an ice cream with my youngest daughter, and I was inspired to design colorful ice cream cones, with rubies, tsavorite garnets, and topazes.

Q: Are you working on anything exciting right now?
A: In this moment, I have lots of energy. For one specific client, I am designing a piece with parrots and tropical fish, and I know these themes will give me inspiration for a totally new line.