La Palina Cigars: An Unforgettable Experience

by Alex R. Travers

She’s been gone for many decades, but now she’s back. Her name: La Palina—a cigar of impeccable elegance and finesse well worth waiting for. In 1926, Samuel Paley, the sole creator of La Palina, retired his time-honored cigar business and La Palina retired with him. But in 2010, Sam’s grandson, Bill Jr., brought the brand back to life.

The new cigars were called the “1896” series. It was the year Sam Paley founded the Congress Cigar Company based in Chicago. Sam’s son—and Bill’s father—William S. Paley was interested in promoting La Palina through the use of radio advertising that eventually led him into the broadcasting business. William’s show was called “The La Palina Hour” and the advertising dramatically increased cigar sales.  After seeing the power of radio first-hand, William went on to purchase five radio stations in Philadelphia, which in turn was the inception of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) know as “The Tiffany Network” for the quality of its programming. William learned about quality from his father through his experience with La Palina and Congress Cigar Company and those values would guide the Paleys for the next three generations.

Since the brand’s reintroduction a number of different cigar lines have been launched. One is titled the “Family Series,” named for each member of Bill’s family—he even named a cigar for his mother, Babe Paley, the famous fashion icon and socialite. Each cigar is of the utmost quality and ranked super-premium within its respected category.

In the Fall of 2012, La Palina debuted the La Palina Classic—a medium-bodied cigar with a hint of sweetness and spice sure to excite the palate. A Brazilian-grown Habano seed wrapper surrounds an Ecuadorian binder. Dominican and Nicaraguan filler complete the blend, building a superior balance of flavor. Once you’ve tasted it, the La Palina Classic is bound to have a permanent spot in your humidor.

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